“Anyone can be taught a set of skills that makes managing their own health & well-being extremely easy. It’s just a matter of changing how you approach the process and managing your expectations of the end result.”

Darren Beattie, Founder

Our Core Values

Continuous Improvement

The Japanese call it ‘Kaizen,’ we call it an obsession with getting better at what we do. Whether that means reading more research, going to more conferences, or consulting with industry experts; We know there is always room to get better at what we do. And we bring this approach to all of your Fitnack experiences.

Focus on the Process

One Thing At a Time. Another core initiative in all of our programs is focusing on things you can control today and this week. Not on what you can’t control three months from now. If we (you) do everything well right now, it will add up to the result we seek. In our case that means helping millions of people take back control of their health.

Focus on People

How cliche right? Seriously though, coaching is nothing without the people involved. You cannot be a great coach without having a lot of empathy. We know a lot of lip service is paid to treating people with the same respect you expect to be treated with. We actually mean it.

Integrity > Money

You can’t buy integrity. We believe that reputation supersedes money made. Yes the purpose of any business is to make money, but it should never happen at the expense of your integrity. You can always expect the highest quality information and service from us at a fair price.

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About Our Process

Direct Communication

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    From the moment you start a Fitnack Coaching Program to the very end, we’re always available for questions and problems.

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    This is between you and your coach. We make every effort to keep all communication and activities private. If you want to share that’s up to you.

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    Professional, but not stuffy. You can count on us to take everything very seriously but with an enjoyable panache.

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    There are no excuses for your expectations not being met. We offer a complete guarantee, provided you effortfully do what we ask.

Daily Check-Ins

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    Communication from a real person at this price? Check. As long as you stay engaged in the program, so will we, keep you on track.

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    We’ve already plotted out your calendar for the duration of any given program. You’ll get daily reminders, just in case it slips your mind.

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    We rely a lot on imagery. Photos of your food, photos of the process, exercise. It all holds you accountable to your goals.

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    Prompt feedback is so critical. Each one of you will choose your own adventure and experience something a little bit different.

Ongoing Discovery

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    This isn’t a “diet.” It’s a process of discovery. We help you discover a way to approach eating that works for you and your lifestyle.

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    There is a lot to know about exercise, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t enjoy it. We’ll help you develop incredible fitness skills.

  • ~11

    The process is holistic. Mindset is our foundation, but we have to at least consider variables that are nutrition and exercise related.

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    Plan. Measure. Learn. The process is cyclical and we’ll help you through the highs and the lows.